Our Maintenance Services

  • Competitive’s Professional Lighting Maintenance Services Will:

      • Regularly inspect your lighting system for operating efficiency
      • Relamp and clean all fixtures on planned schedules to ensure peak efficiency
      • Schedule service calls at times most convenient for you
      • Reduce on-site investment in lighting materials and components
      • Provide skilled, and insured technicians
      • Offer you the latest in service technology and equipment


  • Competitive’s Comprehensive Services Cover:

      • Lighting Systems, Installation and Maintenance – Indoor & outdoor
      • Energy Saving Lighting Retrofits
      • Group Relamping and Reballasting
      • Outdoor, Security, Parking Lot, and Garage Lighting
      • Florescent and Neon Sign Maintenance and Repair
      • Miscellaneous Electrical Services
      • Comprehensive Consultative and Proposal Services
      • General Facility Maintenance and Repair


  • Competitive Also Offers Products And Supplies To Be Delivered On-Site.       

    From lighting services to comprehensive facility management, COMPETITIVE has all the facility services you need.  So contact us today and see how we can help your company.

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